Tourmaline’s Final Halloween Prompt: Costume

Well, Tourmaline has made a final Halloween prompt that I couldn’t resist 6 (SIX?!) years ago – “Costume“. I’ve gained a smattering more followers since then, so it may be new to some y’all. Here ’tis: Halloween Costume

It just rolled over to midnight here in Missouri, so All Hallows Eve is upon me. Boo! Oh, I’m illustrating this with a photo that I shamelessly – SHAMELESSLY! – stole from Judy. I doubt she’ll file a DCMA complaint though.

<rant> Oh, and if you’re an eligible U.S. citizen and haven’t done so, I utterly BEG you to vote on or before Tuesday. (Yep, I drove 30 minutes to my county courthouse today and cast my vote to oust that miserable cur & his cronies that infest my nation’s halls of power. My little town is a madhouse of dumb Trumpers, most showing their idiocy by refusing to wear Covid masks in public. I did NOT want to mingle with them on Tuesday, so I welcomed the chance to vote at the courthouse – no line!) </rant>

Wash your hands, wear a mask, socially distance. Stay safe, y’all!

1 thought on “Tourmaline’s Final Halloween Prompt: Costume

  1. Well, I was going to protest, but since you came clean and confessed to your purloining of my photo, I guess you can get away with it this time. You actually did give payment via your excellent editorial advice earlier in the evening so all is forgiven. xo

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