Uvalde and the Utterly Disgraceful Police Initial Response

I’m a U.S. citizen, born & raised, living again in the Gun Belt. If you’ve been living under a rock (and I wouldn’t blame you!), you may not be aware that yet another school mass shooting occurred here on Tuesday. (It’s a really sad commentary that if someone here mentions a recent mass shooting, the appropriate response is “Which one?”.)

Today, the answer is Uvalde, Texas. I’ll presume you’ve read the heartrending account, but I want to note another account – that of police officers establishing a perimeter, Continue reading



Cornered happily in the walk-in closet at home, 8th grade, lights off. The First Kiss!
The news, his girlfriend was pregnant, but not by him!
Tussling with her over the flatware after the family had gone to bed. The New Kiss!
The plastic soda straw, fashioned into a crude ring, I slipped onto her dancing finger,
and her, not missing a beat, removing her very real ring and slipping it onto me!
Initiating that New First Kiss, drunk on white wine, not knowing how she felt. She felt!
Seeing she had packed her résumé into her bag as she left for a trip. She did not return.
The first reading of her first message from OkCupid! Continue reading

The Annual Spaghetti Harvest

I saw a facebook post earlier tonight pointing to this video, which brings back a couple memories from when I was about 10-11 years old. (I LOATHE facebook, but I LOVE some of its denizens!) I’ll tell you more after you watch. (Oh, PLEASE watch!)

As a kid, I just loved watching my local TV station on Sunday afternoons while the rest of my family did, well, whatever they were doing. On Sundays, Continue reading

“The Intruder” (1962), a film by Roger Corman, starring William Shatner

I have mentioned that I have returned to live in the house I grew up in, often haunted by its past – my past. Most of Missouri is typically midwestern in values, but in my area, in the far southeast corner, it’s more like living in the deep U.S. south. I gave y’all a taste of what it was like here in 1939 in this blog.

Now I’m writing about another fine example from 1962, when Roger Corman, producer of hit after hit low-budget films at the time, came to town (Well, a couple towns over, about 5 to 25 miles east of me) to make a new film, one that was WAY different than anything he’d ever done. And he brought the soon-to-be Captain Kirk with him to star in the film. Continue reading