StyleBook: Insurrection

It’s my party, and I’ll style like I want to! In which I elucidate what I’m gonna do in direct contradiction to some/most/all extant stylebooks. Yes, this will be a long list. (And chock-full of exclamation marks!) I’m really starting to feel the power, the rush of being writer/editor/publisher!

  • Oxford commas, all the way down!
  • Quoted material: if it wasn’t in the actual quote, don’t include it! Never add ending punctuation (commas, periods) inside the quotes if it wasn’t in the quoted material! If starting a sentence with a quotation, don’t capitalize if the original quote was not capitalized!

1 thought on “StyleBook: Insurrection

  1. You need to issue a disclaimer that these rules are your own, not accepted style. You are the gray panther of grammar, the Che of commas, the Pancho Villa of punctuation. You revolutionary, you. Do you really believe you can speed up common usage to this degree? My reformed English teacher is pursing her lips, but remember? I kicked her out of my conscious thoughts decades ago. Have fun but avoid confusing innocent children who will get F’s in their term papers if they follow your advice. (I believe Oxford commas are acceptable in the Chicago Manual of Style, even though they are not in my own stylebook!) You are my favorite blog. Wish I knew how to sign on as a follower. I am still hopeless at this. I have to search for your blog every time.

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