“And though I never knew her, I have lost a dear friend.” Remembering Nanci Griffith.

I get a tad sentimental occasionally. I’ve been known to get wet eyes watching some love (or loss) scene unfold in a movie, or even a cheap TV show if I’ve had a couple rum & colas. But it takes a lot to knock me off my feet, for me to spontaneously burst into tears. Yet that happened to me ten days ago, Friday, the thirteenth of August, when I clicked on my news feed and saw the heartrending headline that Nanci Griffith had just died at age 68. Continue reading

Miami Vice, Joe Pera, and the Exuberance of Baba O’Riley

About three months ago I posted about one of my all-time favorite songs, Walk on the Wild Side, by Lou Reed. Another favorite came to mind a few days ago, and it’s driving me crazy that I can’t recall what triggered the memory. I think the song may have been briefly included in a recent tv show or movie I was watching. Maybe it will come back to me in my sleep. The song is Baba O’Riley, by The Who. I bet a bunch of you already nodding & smiling. Continue reading

Stephen Frye’s Audio Rant on (English) Language – Perfect!

So, y’all know I love, love, LOVE words, right? This rant by Stephen Frye (sent to me by a new fellow wordster) is just perfect to my ears, mind, and sensibilities. Also, I kinda like the visual style of its speech-to-text, but I can see where some would not. I hope you enjoy!

(I wanted to send this to Kory Stamper’s Twitter, but she (likely wisely) doesn’t accept DMs. Maybe she’ll pick it up on her dusty blog, which I’ve been following forever.)