Mmmm. Watermelon!

I’ve already posted a memory about kites that was triggered by Judy/Remi’s lovely poem HERE. But after a third re-reading, this lovely memory surfaced.

My favorite food memory: I occasionally drove a farm tractor for my good friend Dan my first summer out of high school. When the afternoon got so, so hot, he would give me a couple bucks and have me go to town to get a cold watermelon or two. The crew would gather on his tree-shaded concrete storm cellar & oh-my-goddess devour. We were already dirty, so the juice running down our chins, our chests, was pink & brown. But climbing back on our tractors, well, we were happy.


A Kite, a Beer, a Boy, a Dad

Remi/Judy just wrote this lovely poem about – well not about – but it included a kite. It triggered a memory of my own. I told her about it on Skype, and she suggested urged cajoled me to elaborate. Here is that elaboration. Continue reading

A Rational, Seething Call to U.S. Americans to Step Up

(In case you’ve never viewed me before: I am a U.S. citizen, born and raised. I am the left-wing liberal either your father warned you about or your mother hoped you’d find.)

I rarely post political polemic here. It’s just not my style, nor do I feel it’s particularly effective. My most recent post was not polemic, but a plea. Today, I’m posting polemic.

On Monday, U.S. President Trump fired his Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen. While he has yet to offer an explanation, it appears he did so because she and her minions (Yes, I’m not a fan of Ms. Nielsen) told him they could not legally implement his demands to effectively seal the Mexican border against explicitly legal migrants seeking asylum. (I’ll leave it to y’all to parse the Google machine to confirm that.) To be clear: It appears that Mr. Trump is determined to break U.S. laws in his quest to stem the tide of Central American and Mexican migrants into the U.S. (There are reasoned arguments – pro and con – about whether such migrants should have that right. But that’s not the point. The point is THAT RIGHT IS GRANTED BY U.S. LAW!) Continue reading

Searching for Winning Arguments Against Trump & Company

(In case you’ve never viewed me before: I am a U.S. citizen, born and raised. I am the left-wing liberal your mother either warned you about or hoped you’d find.)

I hate what the trumpers have done. I read the anti-trump blogs, view the anti-trump YouTubes, etc. All (well, most) are based on fact, on documented history, on conviction of our values as expressed in our U.S. Constitution. I remain steadfast that trumpers are idiots who could collapse civilization.

I have watched, voted, preached, wrung my hands and soul as my nation has descended into madness, into false narratives that aim to destroy not only my nation, but our world. Facts haven’t saved us. Truth hasn’t saved us.

Does ANYONE out there have a narrative, an essay, a video, that is directed – targeted – to the trumpers that will – might – bring them back to to our national ideals? I wish I could write such, but I have no idea how to reach them. Continue reading

Reblog: The Haunting of Morehouse (Halloween Photo Challenge)

Sometimes it takes an outside eye to find the subtle beauties that we miss in our own hometowns. Judy/Remi has so wonderfully, wondrously captured what I’ve missed in my town!

lifelessons - a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

The Haunting of Morehouse, Missouri

(Click on any photo to enlarge all.)

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Reblog: There’ll be a Change in the Weather

So, there’s this!

lifelessons - a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

Well, the temperature today was a tad nippy, but so hot inside the stores where we shopped that I didn’t wear a coat. Inside of one minute’s time tonight, however, both my brother-in-law here in Sheridan, Wyoming  (via the weather channel on his phone) and forgottenman in Missouri (via Skype) informed me there’ll be a change in the weather here tomorrow.  Here is forgottenman’s message!

“High of 54 tomorrow morn in Sheridan, Wyoming, where you now are. Then the north wind kicks in. By mid-afternoon sparrows will be dropping outta the sky, froze solid. Small children in schoolyards are next. Skinny bellicose drunk cowboys trying to roll a cig on the range – well, they’ll drop near sunset.”

Wouldn’t he have made an entertaining weather man?

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