Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Late spring, 1973. I was 21 years old, a recent college dropout, working in the chem lab of a manufacturing plant 35 miles south of my new apartment in southeast Missouri. (I’d only recently moved out of my childhood home, a lil too late. Another story.) I was making enough coin to buy myself a sweet ORANGE Porche 914 the fall before. I got off work around 9 pm, and the weather was perfect. I opened the top to my car, turned on the radio, and headed home. About 10 minutes into my drive up the interstate, this song came on the radio. I was mystified, transfixed, flummoxed, awestruck! I had never heard anything like it. It played, and I drank it in, and I craved that the announcer would PLEASE tell me what that song was, WHO performed it! Nope. (It was common back then for the DJs to read the list of upcoming songs, but they often didn’t repeat it at the end of the set. Idiot bastards.) I had no internet to consult, no music-savvy friends to ask. I was stumped for YEARS while that song taunted me, popping up in my brain now & again. Finally, with the dawn of the interwebs, I was rewarded with its identity. Yeah, since then I’ve probably listened to everything Lou Reed put out there. But this one will always be my favorite. It became mine that night I was flying up the interstate with the wind in my hair and radio speakers at full blast.

Little Duck’s Current Status (By Request)

Judy/Remi/LifeLessons cajoled me into taking a couple updated photos of Little Duck & Big Duck after she posted some of LD’s past adventures tonight. She further cajoled me into posting them on my blog here rather than on hers. Ok, I’ve had just enough rum to accommodate. Continue reading

Josh Hawley and his not-quite-stealthy push for global christian nationalism

For those of you who might not know, I reside (reluctantly) in rural southeast Missouri, so I’ve been able to vote against Josh Hawley in both his election runs (state attorney general & U.S. senate). Not that my blue vote really matters in my red state and even redder small town. Until the 2020 election cycle I did not really disrespect him much, as I believed he Continue reading

Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Insurrection

I just love what Arnold Schwarzenegger has to say about the Capitol invasion!

Update: I have several reasons NOT to like Governor Schwarzenegger. He apparently continues to call himself a Republican after all. But he has a distinct talent and flair for making video appeals that I love. Below is another video from 2017 along the same lines as his latest. (Yes, he cusses a couple times, so you must click through to view it directly on YouTube. No idea why that would be so.)

Professional Wrestling and the Rise of the Trumpers

When I was in maybe the 5th grade, circa 1962, my school hosted a pro “wrestling” event as a fundraiser, complete with elevated ring, in the high school gym. This was before professional wrestling was the gigantic entertainment machine it is today. I think it was a fairly new phenomenon, and I didn’t understand what it was all about. But some of my friends said I REALLY should go and see! So, I did.

In early 1960s small town America my parents gave me the 35-cent admission fee and let me go by myself. No chaperone required. There was a decent crowd there, but I managed to find a front row seat. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around what was happening. I mean, these guys were CLEARLY faking it, so who could possibly find this entertaining, right? As the bout got going an older woman two seats down from me started getting excited and YELLING, applauding, screaming at the refs, etc. I was stunned. What the heck? She kept this up throughout the matches. After it was done, I figured she had been planted there by the wrestling outfit to stir up the crowd, because NOBODY could legitimately get that worked up over this mildly amusing crap!

But a couple days later I saw her again at the local grocery store, and I overheard her gushing to someone about how WONDERFUL the match was, but how much she HATED that one unfair ref! That’s when I first realized that there really are crazy people in my world who believe in fairy tales, in fantasy, in fake news. But they seemed few and therefore insignificant, so I dismissed them. We all did.

On January 6, 2021, I realized that those “insignificant few” have become a pus-filled boil that burst open in our society. Some say the signs were there all along. I suppose they’re right. I saw the first sign in 1962, in the gym, with the woman screaming at refs in a fake wrestling match.