sublimate reality
in your mentality.
They destroy your totality

NaPoWriMo asked for a double-elevenie. Sorry – I’m only going for a single.


Double-barreled Clerihew

A mister Edmund Clerihew Bentley,
a man whose life was mostly empty
designed a form he named for him,
his middle name, to hide his sin.

And Mister Edmund Clerihew Bentley
would not rest in his grave gently
if he could read my double-barreled entry
calling out his gall intently.


In a rare response to the NaPoWriMo challenge.

A Proposed Resolution

       A Proposed Resolution

Why do men feel the urge to stand?
It’s not just women who so demand
to keep the floor and rim and seat
free of splash, clean and neat.

I live alone; it falls to me
to keep my toilet clean and free.
And so I choose to always sit;
no fuss, no muss, of splash no whit.

And when I’m blessed a woman’s visit
it’s really not a problem, is it?
See then there is the added bonus:
When the seat stays down, there is no onus!

I posted this as a comment in response to lifelesson’s wonderful post “An Unquiet Home” almost two years ago, and I had forgotten about it. It was called to my attention just now, and I can’t imagine how I failed to post it here. Rectified!