John Prine – A Musical Tribute

I’ve already posted one tribute to John Prine, but I stumbled across this amazing musical tribute by Carsie Blanton that moves me deeply as well. I hope y’all enjoy.

HERE is a link if you’re inclined to hear more. (Personally, I prefer the simple YouTube track above.)

John Prine & COVID-19

I’ve read of the deaths (so far) of several notable people from our current plague, but none have hit me so hard as this one. John Prine has been an anchor for me for so many years, and his death hurts me. There have been dozens of memorial stories about him, but this one hits me deeply enough that I am compelled to share it here. Wash your hands. #StayTheFuckHome.

For LifeLessons’ Photo Prompt

So Judy/Remi, over at Lifelessons, asked us to post the most recent photo we’ve snapped. I am embarrassed to report that I have been looking for an excuse to expose my latest self-exposure, so here ’tis. Some of you may know that I go by a few names other than (OKC)ForgottenMan. One of those monikers is Duck/Duckie/Dux. Judy posted a blog a couple days ago titled Duck and Cover. When I saw that title I just KNEW she had come up with an extraordinarily clever name for my new selfie. But, nope. Still, I steal that title for this photo. So, without further ado:

A Hamburger for Breakfast: Fishing With My Father (Part 1 of 2)

Welp, Remi/Judy over at LifeLessons just posted about murdering a cricket (Oh, yes, I nudged her! (To blog it, not to the insecticide itself.)), and that stirred my recollections of going fishing with Dad when I was a kid, since we often murdered live crickets for bait. (Update: her post was days weeks ago. I started writing this post that night, but it has taken me this long to finish. I should not try writing a novel. I’m 68. I’d never finish.)

So, on to my story:

Dad and I were apparently very close when I was a baby, based on the photos my mom took. But the disengagement came later, when I was about three, when Mom took control. Control. Continue reading

Jimmy Cliff – Many Rivers to Cross

I was so privileged to see and hear Jimmy Cliff at the New Orleans Jazz Fest in 1980. I lived down there then, and was trying to assimilate. I recall that he did not perform this song in his set, and I was so disappointed. Oh how I wish I’d been at this performance!

Music defines me. Songs like this say more about who I am than I can say about myself.

Beau Talks About Climate Change

If you follow me here, you know I love Beau of the Fifth Column. Well, not always, but often. I don’t post many of his videos here, but I do when they resonate with me. This one does. Spoiler?: If you’re not familiar with Beau, and you love AOC as much as I do, you may be kinda annoyed at his tone in the first 2 minutes and 22 seconds or so. I beg you to keep watching.