Archeological Dig

Excavating is such a sorrow.
We don’t acknowledge it,
even as we celebrate the dig.
To uncover deaths, lives
that were put to sleep eons ago Continue reading


A Proposed Resolution

       A Proposed Resolution

Why do men feel the urge to stand?
It’s not just women who so demand
to keep the floor and rim and seat
free of splash, clean and neat.

I live alone; it falls to me
to keep my toilet clean and free.
And so I choose to always sit;
no fuss, no muss, of splash no whit.
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Admiral Grace Murray Hopper receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom!


Admiral Grace Murray Hopper was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom today. She has been a long-time favorite of mine, seeing as I was a career computer programmer. I was privileged to hear her speak in a small half-empty auditorium at the University of Missouri circa 1977. Her talk was riveting. She claimed to have been the only flag officer at the Pentagon to have both the U.S. flag and a Jolly Roger (pirate) flag at the entrance to her office. (Apparently, her staff was known to scrounge for office supplies after-hours.) She was awarded the inaugural Computer Sciences MAN of the Year award from the Data Processing Management Association! Ha! Continue reading