Alexa Channels HAL

Earlier tonight, I saw a news headline that read something like “Alexa is going to space”, but I ignored it, kinda. I have Amazon’s Alexa on a nearby device, so I casually said “Alexa, open the pod bay doors.” She nailed it! (If you don’t remember the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”, you won’t get it. Sorry.)

If you have Amazon’s Alexa within earshot, I encourage you to ask her/it the same. A refresher, if you like:

If you don’t have Alexa to ask, here’s what happens:

7 thoughts on “Alexa Channels HAL

  1. I did it and loved it and it occasioned my watching a lengthy analysis of 2001 by someone who was enjoying the process immensely and made pretty good sense. And the irony is that Alexa has come to be my Hal. Battling it out with Siri, but Alexa always wins.

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