So, Purple…? A Prompt Reblog: A Plea for Arbitration

Remi/Judy just posted a response to THIS prompt, and that caused me to remember this lil blog I posted over 5 years ago. She has urged me to reblog, and I listen to her advice, especially after a couple rum&colas.

The original post started as a question about the colors eggplant vs maroon. Apparently it’s time to add purple to the mix.

serial monography: forgottenman's ruminations

Some of you know that my bff is Judy/Remi, therefore we must sometimes disagree. Tonight she responded to this prompt to post photos showing the color eggplant:1024x768-eggplant-solid-color-background I suggested (well, strongly recommended) that she include the photo below in her post, but she declined (well, refused), because she says my t-shirt is maroon and oh-so-not eggplant. My eyes disagree. So, I put it to you, gentle observant occasional readers: does this photo below show me wearing an eggplant-colored t-shirt (as I search for that damned buzzing fly)? Yea or nay?

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4 thoughts on “So, Purple…? A Prompt Reblog: A Plea for Arbitration

  1. Haha… thanks for linking to me so I could read this post. So funny! Having looked at the original post I would say that your t-shirt is more plum than eggplant / aubergine only because it is lighter, but no way is it maroon! Which would be much redder. Apart from that it is a perfectly acceptable purple 💜
    Jude xx

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