Thanksgiving Dreaming – Not What You Might Expect

Today was Thanksgiving in the U.S., but I’m no longer a celebrant. (A Thanksgiving celibate?) But neither am I one to humbug it. Further, since our VERY traumatizing election here earlier this month, my sleep schedule has been way wild. No idea what hours I will sleep or awaken. Today, while most US Americans were in the midst of planning & executing their turkey day plans, I slept – from about 1 pm to 7 pm, the longest sleep I’ve had in weeks. (I’m getting enough sleep, just not in long stretches.) And I had a dream, a long dream. (“Perhaps an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato.”) When I woke, I was surprised that I remembered SO many details of the entire dream. I felt the need/urge to document it, and typing it to Remi/Judy on Skype was the quickest way to do so. After reading my ramble, Judy urged me to post it here. Now I urge all y’all armchair psychologists to analyze and comment. My post is really already written – I just need to copy & paste it here and hit that “Publish” button. So, deep breath, and here I go. (Oh, whenever I say “you” below, I’m referring to Remi/Judy.)

7:00 pm – I just awoke from a LONG nap, and that interrupted one of my most amazing dreams ever. Gotta write it down while still fresh.

The dream started with you [Judy], me, my sister, and some other folks here at my house, perhaps gathered for a different Thanksgiving than our current one. I kept getting more & more annoyed at my sister. She started pinching me, something she’d done (really) when she was about 3 & I was about 4. I reminded her that (really) at that earlier age Mom told me if she did it again that I should slap her. (That’s true, and I’ll tell you more about that later, but gotta keep writing the dream now.) In the dream, she reluctantly stopped pinching me, but kept annoying me in more subtle ways.

I was really angry/upset, and luckily it was time for you & me to go on a long planned trip into the middle of the city. City? Yep, when we walked outside my house here we were somehow in southeast Asia – Indonesia, I think. You drove your ancient car, which I presume now (awake) was a rental. We drove for several minutes, and I began to calm down. You finally pulled over and parked, and we both got out to walk. I knew I had to stick close, ’cause I didn’t know this city. You were chatting, stopping occasionally to look in shops – an easy mid-afternoon stroll. Then you saw something that caught your eye across the busy street, so I followed as you checked out the scene. It was an older beat-up combination pickup truck & car. In the bed of the truck was some kind of … art installation?

It was two parts. There was a sheet (?) that had an oblong oval in chalk, about 4-5 feet by 2 feet. And it was stained red, as though to indicate blood. The second part was a “coffin”, crudely constructed and painted flat black. In it was a paper-mache figure of maybe a dwarf in sorta repose. VERY odd. (I forgot to mention that the truck/car had white police tape around it, and some signs presumably describing the installation, but they were in a language I did not recognize. There did not appear to be anyone monitoring the installation until I realized there was a man sitting in the front seat of the car. He startled me by opening his car door just as I walked by. (You were on the other side of the car, gone for the remainder of part one of the dream.) He explained to me that the installation memorialized a good friend and colleague who was murdered some time back. That’s when I woke from the dream. Except…

… I HAD ONLY AWAKENED INTO ANOTHER DREAM, where you & I were in bed, and I related the dream to you! Just as I’m doing again. (In real reality, I hope this time.) You were fascinated and wanted me to go back to sleep to finish the dream. I scoffed, but a few seconds later I realized I WAS back in the dream, and the art installation and the man were still there. I approached him again and explained that I knew it’s a dream because I had awakened, told you about it, and re-entered the dream. He was, of course, not convinced. THIS, after all, IS HIS REALITY!

But he allowed me to continue believing. He was even amused by my insistence that he was living inside someone else’s dream. He offered to show me where the murder happened, and since I knew I was dreaming, I said “Let’s go!” (You didn’t return to the dream with me, and I was uneasy about that.) We got in his car, and he started driving, but a few seconds later we were magically onto a train platform. I realized the space/time jump, but, hey, it’s a dream and I know it.

We boarded the train and he told me that he & the murdered dwarf both taught at the local university, and his friend was working very late one night. He stepped outside into an empty parking lot and was stabbed. I didn’t ask why or by whom. I said something about the dead guy being a dwarf and my new friend said “He was 99 years old!” as if that somehow explained his dead friend’s stature.

The train stopped in a bizarre part of the city. Buildings set at odd angles, doors opening on second floors into the air. We walked a few minutes, then he said “We’re here”, but where? I was very puzzled. Then he jumped off the building (We were on the roof.) and spread his arms & legs like a parachutist does before pulling the cord. Somehow the wind caught him and he landed sprawled face down on the dirty ground. He bounded up, shook the dirt off his clothes and looked up at me. “Now you!” By now I was forgetting I was still, indeed, dreaming.

I explained that I couldn’t. I’m too old (He appeared early 40s.), not in great shape, and had no skill at what he just did. He shrugged and turned to leave, and I realized I had to follow him – he was my only connection to get back to… to wherever I needed to get back to. I saw a tall wooden power pole, and it had a long skinny metal pole next to it, so I managed to make the short jump over to it and shinny down. For some weird dream logic, I needed that second metal pole to steady my descent. I got to the bottom and caught up to him. Now as I type this the rest of the dream detail are fading. I needa type faster!

I think we ended up in a museum, where dead guy’s life had a proper art retrospective going on, but I don’t now remember details. Then we left, boarded a very weird streetcar, and I realized you [Judy] weren’t there for this part of the dream. He told me more about his dead friend, and I tried to tell him about me in what I thought was my reality – about you & me & my sister at the house. But I realized he wasn’t listening. Then I noticed he was asleep in his seat beside me, an amazing feat for this crowded loud streetcar. I turned away from him to look out the window and mumbled “Time to wake up.” to no one. I thought I’d return to my earlier dream reality where you & I & my sister are here. Nope I awoke to THIS reality right here. I jumped outta bed, sat down here at my computer and started typing furiously. Some of the details above are already fading from memory, and I think I’ll have an early drink. Oh – a small snifter of Amaretto sounds perfect! brb
7:39 pm …The End!

I wrote all that straight through, from 7:00 pm to 7:39 pm. I added this at 8:08 pm:

Another part to the dream I’m recalling. (Not really expecting you to like or not – just wanna document it here.)

As he & I left the museum to catch the weird streetcar, we missed the first one so were waiting for another. There was an office next to the museum, likely real estate sales. There was a presentation (apparently sales pitch) in the courtyard there. A woman was talking and using a series of drop-down slides, each about 3×4′, from a huge contraption overhead. All motors & painted whiteboards – no electronics or flatscreen tvs. She’d press a clunky button connected by a thick cable to the innards of this contraption to raise & lower individual slides. I was fascinated. The next streetcar was nowhere in sight, so I wandered into the courtyard as the presentation ended. (Not a single person in the audience seemed impressed.) I told her that I didn’t know what the presentation was about but that I thought the contraption was genius. She cocked her head and smiled, and I noticed she was pretty, maybe in her 30s. She said “You don’t flirt well”. She was still smiling, and I realized that I’d forgotten about attraction, flirting – all of it. I started to apologize in a stammer, but she lightly touched my arm, still smiling, and said “It’s ok.” I blushed and saw the streetcar had arrived, and my friend was boarding. By now I feared if I got separated from him, I couldn’t escape the dream. I don’t remember how I (obviously awkwardly) left her to run catch my last streetcar. Now I kinda want to go back to that dream and tell my friend to take the streetcar without me.

I did realize later in the evening that part of my dream-within-a-dream “reality” sprang from my deep reaction to reading this cool article (and part of another linked therein) today.

I’m curious whether any y’all will find this interesting or have any insight to what I experienced. (Well, are dreams really experienced?) But mostly I just want to leave this account to reside somewhere on the interwebs so I can send links to friends when I’m drunk.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

1 thought on “Thanksgiving Dreaming – Not What You Might Expect

  1. Such a fascinating dream. Can’t wait to hear any interpretations readers might suggest. Unfortunately we can’t blame the Turkey and dressing and gravy and spuds and cranberries and pumpkin pie as I imagine you dined on Vienna sausages and Amoretto. I fell asleep minutes after arriving home from turkey dinner at my next door neighbors and so far as I know dreamed no dreams. I have, however, in my sorting though tons of papers in the past year, found three or four notebooks totally filled with dreams–all of which I have no memory of. So glad you put yours down for posterity. Now, let the analysis begin!!! Happy Thanksgiving to a nonbeliever.

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