Beau Talks About Climate Change

If you follow me here, you know I love Beau of the Fifth Column. Well, not always, but often. I don’t post many of his videos here, but I do when they resonate with me. This one does. Spoiler?: If you’re not familiar with Beau, and you love AOC as much as I do, you may be kinda annoyed at his tone in the first 2 minutes and 22 seconds or so. I beg you to keep watching.

2 thoughts on “Beau Talks About Climate Change

  1. It’s already happening! At this moment there are upwards of 2 million people in California whose power has been turned off because the grid has deteriorated and cannot sustain the need. Consequences: real or potential, include discarding of food, lack of air conditioning, use of fire producing means (candles, campfires, generators) to produce light cook food, and provide power for other ‘needs.’ This is a serious issue!

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