A Burger Tip I Never Imagined Blogging

Remi/Judy over at LifeLessons insists that I repost this response I made on another site, a local chat board based on the shores of Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico, where she makes her home. Here ’tis:

I’d never shared this before, but I do two things that I’ve never seen/read in making burgers at home.

First, growing up I learned that sometimes it helps to put dried bread crumbs in the mix to help hold in moisture, and sometimes to keep the leaner ground from falling apart while cooking. I’ve found that using stovetop stuffing mix works wonders instead. (I prefer Pepperidge Farm Herb Seasoned Chicken flavor myself.) It works well for me.

Second, since I broil my burgers (top heat) rather than grilling (bottom heat) and I like ’em thick, I shape them like half-formed donuts – about twice as thick around the edges as in the middle – concave. That way, the juices collect in the middle of the cooking burger rather than draining into the pan/fire. Also, it eliminates the problem of a burger being burned around the edges and undercooked in the middle. When I flip them, I drain the juice puddle into the other burger’s puddle. As the burgers shrink while they cook, as they are wont to do, they end up the same thickness all the way through.

I leave it to others to debate ingredients and such. (Well, for me: liquid smoke and freeze-dried chives are a must.)

(My original post is in this thread.)

8 thoughts on “A Burger Tip I Never Imagined Blogging

  1. I can’t believe you never taught me this trick before! It reminded me that my mother always put very coarse bread crumbs in her hamburgers and always broiled them as well. Not surprising as her mother grew up in Missouri and she grew up in a town that was half-Missouri, half-Kansas. She was in the Kansas side of Junction City. This isn’t the first recipe that we have found we share: i.e. deviled eggs and potato salad.

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  3. The bread makes the burgers sound a little more like meatloaf, which uses bread (and sometimes egg) to hold it together. The big difference, then, is that meatloaf, which is thicker, is baked rather than broiled. Your burgers sound yummy!

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  4. Thanks for the tips!! My burgers (when I make one, which is rare (not how thoroughly it is cooked), rather how often I eat those) tend to fall apart, be undercooked in the middle, and in general are a bit of a disaster. Now I can make a burger and actually have it be edible. OR I could just go to the local drive through and let them do the heavy lifting. Your burgers sound very delicious!


  5. Well you must have postdated the depression, Your mom may have had another reason for those bread crumbs, as my mother did exactly the same thing but it was the way she managed to feed six kids on a half pound of ground meat~!


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