A Rational, Seething Call to U.S. Americans to Step Up

(In case you’ve never viewed me before: I am a U.S. citizen, born and raised. I am the left-wing liberal either your father warned you about or your mother hoped you’d find.)

I rarely post political polemic here. It’s just not my style, nor do I feel it’s particularly effective. My most recent post was not polemic, but a plea. Today, I’m posting polemic.

On Monday, U.S. President Trump fired his Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen. While he has yet to offer an explanation, it appears he did so because she and her minions (Yes, I’m not a fan of Ms. Nielsen) told him they could not legally implement his demands to effectively seal the Mexican border against explicitly legal migrants seeking asylum. (I’ll leave it to y’all to parse the Google machine to confirm that.) To be clear: It appears that Mr. Trump is determined to break U.S. laws in his quest to stem the tide of Central American and Mexican migrants into the U.S. (There are reasoned arguments – pro and con – about whether such migrants should have that right. But that’s not the point. The point is THAT RIGHT IS GRANTED BY U.S. LAW!)

I watch the YouTube videos produced by a guy calling himself Beau of the Fifth Column. (I posted an earlier video of his HERE.) He’s kinda Libertarian, which I’m not, so some of his posts don’t resonate with me. But some do. He posted this one a few hours ago that prompted me to repost it here. He is angry, as am I. I hope you are, too.


3 thoughts on “A Rational, Seething Call to U.S. Americans to Step Up

  1. Wow! Would that more people would have the courage to speak out as Beau does! There’s lots more I could say, but it would simply be a rant, and would not solve the problems we have right now. We need to work hard to overthrow this government in 2020, if not sooner!

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