Searching for Winning Arguments Against Trump & Company

(In case you’ve never viewed me before: I am a U.S. citizen, born and raised. I am the left-wing liberal your mother either warned you about or hoped you’d find.)

I hate what the trumpers have done. I read the anti-trump blogs, view the anti-trump YouTubes, etc. All (well, most) are based on fact, on documented history, on conviction of our values as expressed in our U.S. Constitution. I remain steadfast that trumpers are idiots who could collapse civilization.

I have watched, voted, preached, wrung my hands and soul as my nation has descended into madness, into false narratives that aim to destroy not only my nation, but our world. Facts haven’t saved us. Truth hasn’t saved us.

Does ANYONE out there have a narrative, an essay, a video, that is directed – targeted – to the trumpers that will – might – bring them back to to our national ideals? I wish I could write such, but I have no idea how to reach them.

Update – Here are a couple links that resonate for me, but likely don’t go far enough to convince/convert a trumper:

HERE is a fresh video post by Robert Reich, one of the best rational liberal voices around.

HERE is a link to a brilliant video posted by Trae Crowder, self-proclaimed Liberal Redneck, back before the 2016 election. We should have paid more attention.

7 thoughts on “Searching for Winning Arguments Against Trump & Company

  1. Unfortunately, although I have read a number of narratives and essays and viewed videos that would reach any sane, logical, reasonable, fair, intelligent human being, Trump supporters do not seem to fit in any of these categories. They are believing what they want to believe in spite of any contrary evidence or appeals. And, unfortunately, they are backed up by those who, believing the entire system is broken, refuse to band together to support a candidate who is capable of beating him out in the next election. Those who refused to support Hillary and who are likely to refuse to support any Democratic candidate in the next election will help Trump supporters to win again. We have become a country of factions so sure that they are right and that they have the only solution that I fear we will never return to a sane wholeness. We are a nation of people taking “selfies” of ourselves with our backs to the world, seeing only our own importance and missing out on the total view. I hope I am wrong. I hope that some of the idealistic and feisty new politicians will strike a chord that will unite the liberal oldies as well as enough of the newly charged youth to overcome the mental quagmire too many of us have become stuck in. We made it out of the false-panic of McCarthyism only to fall even deeper into the false-information of a real “Red threat”–that of a Russian misinformation campaign that bolsters a self-serving financial cronyism and plotting that calls itself a return to Jesus in the Whitehouse and the protection of our country against those who would seek to cross its borders when in effect we have been invaded from within by those who would join with the real invaders for their own self-interest. Somehow, ironically, the left-wing and the right-wing have switched sides. Weird, weird world.

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  2. Unfortunately, many of the trumpers are those who cheered his Birther movement against Obama. Too, I believe that demographics are working against reason. The liberals are primarily in the cities,along the coasts, working hard to make their living while also working to protect the country from such divisiveness. In the center of the country, primarily blue collar workers and farmers are also working to make their living, but in very conservative ways. The solution has to be somewhere in that mix — in converting one or two states to a more liberal attitude, so as to better use the benefits of the Electoral College which was actually created to level the playing field for the very group that is taking advantage of those benefits.

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  3. Lifelessons and slimret I am in agreement with what you have written. You have to wonder about the Wizards at the helm in the Oval Office? How did they reverse so such much so fast? Our justice system now has been reversed completely, except for those in power. People who refuse to play their games of lies are sacrificed as liars and become the enemy. The enemy is anyone who refuses to walk their walk. Not exactly democratic thinking!? The religious right helped Trump get elected for the simple reason he would stack the Supreme Court so the liberals would stop killing babies. That religious theory goes back to Nixon, a judge shouldn’t have a mind of his own? Should he? The term liberal is being replaced with socialist. The GOP fought social security, and medicare the only reason some OK’ed food stamps was for big farmers and business. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, if you get sick and your poor, stay home and die. I think we are better than that.
    They preach religion and love, you accept their ways, or you are the enemy. I don’t see much love in that. Jesus loved his enemies, and they were different, today the enemy is anyone who disagrees with you. Sounds like the naked old man living in a cave, “THE WHOLE WORLD IS CRAZY” all except me.

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