Reblog: Here’s an interesting (quixotic?) idea…

Maybe we’re grasping at straws, or tilting at windmills. But we will not extinguish hope!

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If you are distressing over the U.S. presidential election, do not give up!!!  The electoral college does not meet until December 19 and if enough delegates can be persuaded to vote for Hillary instead of Trump, she can be declared the winner.  Please read the three links below and sign the petition, then Tweet, Facebook and email this to everyone you know.

(The petition is printed below so you can read it directly, but I’m giving a link as well, to get to the actual petition and sign it. If you’re reading the petition from a Mexican IP address, it seems to appear in Spanish. I and my tech guy can’t seem to fix that.)

A petition to the U.S. Electoral College HERE.

And a justification for the possibility HERE.

And a reminder of what Trump said just 4 years ago HERE.

On December 19, the Electors…

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