1492 – An Installation by Anaxazi

I’m sorta this vicarious ghost resident of La Manzanilla (Del Mar), Jalisco, Mexico, a small fishing village on the Pacific coast. I spent a little over a month there in February, 2011, with lifelessons/Judy/Remi in Casa Gaviotas. (Remi has been back every year since, and is there now, still ensconced in Gaviotas.) I’ve shared many of their sunsets via Daniel’s webcam, and I agonized with the near-direct hit they took by Hurricane Patricia last year.

The last 3 days I was in La Manz, Remi & I moved from Gaviotas to Anax’s “tree-house” near the cell tower, close to the mangrove lagoon. (Totally different experience, but still amazing.) I still look for La Manz videos on YouTube, and recently a new one popped up. I clicked on it, and I immediately recognized Anax and the spiral staircase to his (our) tree-house! So I had to keep watching.

But this video became so much more than a reminiscence for me. In “1492”, Anax has created a powerful work, and watching him create it in this video, and hearing him describe it is simply magnificent. And Karen Meyer, who posted this video (and I presume from her credentials also created it), has done a wonderful job as well.

So, thanks & kudos Anax & Karen.

(In case that embedded link doesn’t work, try going HERE.)


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