Old “Poems”: Rejoice


So long a wait my love and I
Have forced us to endure.
So long apart our memories
Sustained us all these years.
So far away from this caress
We’ve struggled to break free.
Until this time and all these miles
Bring us back as one again.

As moments seem as hours my dear,
As miles cannot be breached,
As all these feelings flood our hearts,
We lay them at our feet.
To study, muse, and contemplate
The reasons for our love.
At last rejoice, rejoice. Rejoice!
We know what conquers us.

For X & me,
May, 1986

X, again. I told you our end-story in Forever After. This is late-story, when I didn’t quite understand that I was more interested in meter, cadence, alliteration than romance. Well, than romancing her.

(Old “Poems”: I’ve been writing these little ditties, verses, near-poems since high school. Many are pedestrian; others are real stinkers. Some I still love. I worry that they’ll expire with the inevitable demise of my hard drive, so I decided I’ll put them out here, in the harsh, blistering, stinging, way-too-public cloud to live forever, for good or shame. (To write and self-publish is to court shame. Oh, the hubris!))

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