Her Clicking Solitaire

I read Judy/Remi’s blog post this morning, and it inspired me to write this rhymed response. You should first read her poem here (if you haven’t already). She suggested a new title for my ditty. I’ll leave the post title as is and use her suggestion just below.

       Double Solitaire
To your addictions I can attest.
You’re clicking, clicking. You need your rest!
“Sleepy time,” I so proclaim,
and you reply, “Just one more game.”
And so I roll upon my side
and let your clicking, clicking guide
me off to sleep, to dream, to waken
to morning to find that you’re makin’
words to poems to fill your blog.
Keep writing, Dear. I’ll feed the dog.

(Of course I broke one of my big rules, telling you what “You need”. And I had to kill off your cat & one of the dogs to fit the rhyme scheme. Sorry guys – poetic hunting license.)

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