Another Day in Paradise

The mountain above us has gone from brown to green in the last week, just as FilmArtWordGirl promised the rains would do. We sat on the covered patio last night watching the rain ripple the swimming pool. She had turned on the under-pool light, and it attracted hundreds of winged insects to the glimmering water. Today, we spent almost 2 hours skimming & vacuuming their soggy little torsos & wings from the top & bottom of the pool. (We managed to rescue a giant moth from the water, but I fear it won’t survive long. How does one do CPR on a lepidoptera?) FAWG is at work in her studio now, creating I know not what; I’m taking a break from reading my book in the gazebo, one dog to my left, an early rum&coke to my right. (The other dog sits on the roof dome, occasionally raising a ruckus at non-threats near & distant.) Some weekenders, likely college students from Guad, are playing their music loudly down the street. It’s better than the usual weekend musical fare. A few rainbirds still sing, stragglers still looking for love. Do they know all the good ones are already taken?


4 thoughts on “Another Day in Paradise

  1. Well, either taken or they may have earned an early demise in the swimming pool. Actually, those insects were flying termites, before they could chew their wings off. If they hadn’t landed in the pool, they would have made their way in to chew up the kitchen cabinets. Some pests need to be allowed to meet their fit end.

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