The Good Life

I’m writing this on FilmArtWordGirl’s patio down Mexico way, listening to a thunderstorm gather itself across the lake. The rainy season started here last week, about 10 days early. The rainbirds (a local species of cicada) have been singing the season in. I’ve killed a 2-inch scorpion in my bathroom, shoveled a dead possum over the fence into the empty lot before breakfast, eaten rose-petal chicken breast concocted by our favorite local chef, watched over a thousand bats take flight from the tiles overhead at a neighbor’s house, splashed in the geothermal heated swimming pool here every day. In quiet afternoons, I’m (astonished to actually be) reading one of my new books (The Lexicographer’s Dilemma) down in the gazebo, the dogs lazing on either side. Yep, la buena vida. You?


6 thoughts on “The Good Life

  1. So you realize where that scorpion probably went? Over the wall and into my house!!! Scorpions don’t need a stile, you know. Now that you are flying the coop, you don’t mind what devastation you wreak upon the neighborhood. Shame, shame. And what is this “Jup” business? You really have gone Mexican in your speech, even if your body is fleeing northwards.


  2. I don’t know how I missed these entries of yours, Duckie. I’m catching up now. One thing I don’t miss here about Mexico (the only thing) is wondering if there will be a scorpion lurking underfoot at night.


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